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In 2009 (after a long and illustrious career in guitar building) Gene Baker became Chief Guitar Master Builder for Premier Builders Guild (PBG), a new boutique, master-built instrument company based in Arroyo Grande, CA. At PBG, Gene designed and built his own b3 line of guitars while his team also built guitars designed by other PBG master builders Dennis Fano and Saul Koll.

Gene’s b3 line of guitars included Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood and Ring Master models each aimed at a specific tonal space. In May 2015 PBG closed the Arroyo Grande factory and all the brands separated from the PBG family except Fano, Two Rock and Tone King. Gene retained possession of his b3 brand and is currently building as a solo Master Builder. All new b3 models since the PBG closure have undergone small design changes to visually differentiate the post-PBG change. 

In 2016 Gene Baker announced plans to leave Arroyo Grande, CA to join forces with Keith Roscoe in a new 15,000 sq ft facility in Greensboro NC. With the addition of Plek, Hass CNC machinery, and a bit of rocket science, they plan to provide the best level of machine and hand craftsmanship possible in every instrument.


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