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Gabriele Ballabio is an Italian luthier who started out working as a sound assistant at Carimate's Lark Recording Studio. He trained as a cabinetmaker and then as a master luthier and bowmaker at the Gubbio luthiery school studying with M. Ildebrando and S. Guerriero (where he then worked as a teacher for the following 4 years). In 1997 he opened his luthiery workshop for the repair and the restoration and construction of classical bowed instruments and guitars. His passion for the guitar led him to specialize in the construction techniques of this instrument - under the guidance of Maestro G. Giussani. Today he offers his own personal guitar models: classical, archtop, flat top, electric, acoustic and bass. He also offers replicas of historical models. Since 2003, in a collaboration with Maestro Edoardo Catemario, he has carried out various restorations starting from his collection of ancient guitars, Torres-Ramirez primero-Ramirez segundo- Simplicio-Galan-Nunez-Casa Nunez-Santos Hernandez-Ibanez etc.




Liuteria Gabriele Ballabio
Strada dei Loggi, 96
06135 Balanzano , PG
Perugia IT