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Michael Baranik is a luthier based in California’s San Luis Obispo County. Baranik first took guitar-building classes at Phoenix's Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 1993 and then apprenticed with head instructor John Reuter for several months. In 1995, he joined the newly established Phoenix Guitar Company, which provided valuable experience in building, repairing and finishing. The Phoenix Guitar Company soon closed, but after a year with Woodworkers' Source and a short stint making custom furniture and the occasional electric guitars, Baranik began building acoustic guitars under his own name in 1996. He soon gained a reputation for great acoustic guitars and moved his business from Arizona to California in 2006. In 2012 he began making electric guitars again and is now as well known for his solid body guitars as his acoustic ones. Baranik electric guitars have retro designs partly inspired by Japanese and Italian electrics from the 1960s but with great playability and tonal options.

Source: Baranik Guitars website (8 April 2022)


Baranik Guitars
86 Gibson Rd
93465 Templeton , CA
United States
California US

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