Barker Guitars (Est. 2020)

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  • acoustic guitars


Barker Guitars is a Canadian acoustic guitar brand owned and operated by Mitch Barker of Ontario. When launched in 2020 the Barker range had 3 models available all with rosewood back and sides with elaborate Abalone & Mother Of Pearl inlays but with either rosewood, spruce  or cedar tops. Prices ranged from $1000 to $2000.


Barker Guitars ON
Ontario CA

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Barker Guitar Owner

I purchased a Barker Guitar from Mitch the owner in 2021, one of the first three models with a cedar top, rosewood back and sides. It was $1600 CDN with a case.
I have had die hard Martin Guitar owners try and buy this guitar from me and these are men who own high end $4000 to $8000 dollar acoustics. There seems to be more sound come out of the Barker Guitars than even the top dog brands and it blows people away. Wood quality and finishes are unbelievable and this guitar will last forevor I can say this was the best money I have spent on a guitar and if your looking for a forevor guitar for an amazing price get one of these. Thanks Mitch for designing the next top dog in my opinion!