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Barrington Guitars (Barrington Guitar Werks) were made in the Far East and distrbuted in the USA, 1989-1991. Barrington was a LaPlaca Music Group company,. The necks and bodies for the Barrington electric models were made in Japan at a factory that had previously made ESPs and they were assembled in Barrington, IL. Pickups were initially Barcus Berry and some early ones used an EMG-style active pickup, then switched to passive design. Eventually all used Duncan pickups. Necks were maple, most had rosewood fingerboards but the two top-of-the-line solid bodies used ebony. Flat bodies used maple, the carved-top solid bodies used maple caps on mahogany body. All used Gotoh tuners and Floyd Rose style #1988 tremelos. The T.M. Stevens basses (4 and 5) were also made there. Both Barrington archtop jazz models, the Newport basses and the Gruhn acoustics were made at the Japanese Terada factory, known for making Ibanez, Washburn and Tokai.

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22N159 Pepper Road
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