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The Beartones series of guitars are handmade by UK builder Robin Day, as part of the Rossli Guitar Company. Beartones are semi-hollow body guitars based loosely on the Telecaster thinline de-luxe but with a Gibson neck profile and unsual half-slotted headstocks.

You can try out a Beartone by making an appointment with Tom at Mac's Music Store in the High Street, Herne Bay, Kent, England, tel 01227 363738. Tom can also arrange custom made Beartones.


Beartone Guitars c/o Mac's Music Store
High Street
Herne Bay , KEN
United Kingdom
Kent GB



I've owned a Rossli four string fretless bass for maybe 30years or so. Lovely instrument, if I provide photographs can you tell more about it please?

4 string fretless Rossli bass

Still got it, think I'll get areply this time? I just want some information about it because no one has ever heard of it.



This brand first came to my attention when I saw (& bid on) a Rossli strat-style electric on eBay. All I could find out was this: the Rossli Guitar Company was an English guitar brand operating in Kent, producing small numbers of instruments. Rossli has been associated at various times with luthiers Robin Day and Andy Crockett. Limited information suggests Rossli guitars were being made in the early 1980s, so the brand predates this period.