product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • banjos
  • mandolins
  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars
  • lap steel guitars
  • resonator guitars


According to the Blue Book of Guitar Values (2009) the Beltone brand name has been used on several different guitar lines dating back to the 1920s and as recently as the 1960s. Beltone was a house brand of Perlberg & Halpin in New York and used on various folk stringed instruments including guitars, ukuleles, banjos, madolins and resonator guitars. Separate from this there were also at least three distinct groups of Beltone branded electric guitars in the 1960s: two originated from Japan (made by Zen-On and Teisco) and a third was Italian in origin and made by Welson. There are also Bel-Tone branded lap steel guitars and amplifiers.