Big Hollow

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  • acoustic guitars


Big Hollow Guitars is the brand name of Bevan Frost. He decided to become a luthier at the age of 18 but soon afterwards he was diagnosed with an illness that shaped his character and career. Over the following years living with his Dad he took the chance to truly pursue guitar making and get his bearings in the craft. Lutherie became a way to express his insistence that, despite his chronic illnesses, he would inspire, create, and grow. After a liver transplant in 2011, he bought a house with his wife in Frisco, Colorado. He built a garage, and started a family. His beautifully crafted acoustic guitars are much in demand & are historical reinterpretations, incorporating such classic elements as the slotted headstock, pyramid bridge, and others, while being very much modern steel string fingerstyle guitars



Bevan Frost
p.o. box 1479
80443 Frisco , CO
United States
Colorado US