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Rob Bishline first got interested in banjos as a 13 year old when he heard “Dueling Banjos” on the radio and soon had saved enough money to buy his first banjo at Service Merchandise. Rob’s passion for the banjo has carried on for over 35 years. He has become an accomplished player, teacher, repair specialist and luthier. He made the transition from player to builder in 1983, when he took a guitar building class at the Roberto-Venn academy in Arizona. After having made a few banjos on his own, Rob formed a business partnership in 2005 with Andy Oatman and Frank Davenport that resulted in Bishline Banjos.

Rob builds every banjo with playability in mind but also makes sure that Bishline tone rings and rims are of the highest quality and sets up each banjo to deliver the best possible tone. When you buy a Bishline you can choose from several custom options including: Laminated necks for strength and stability, tunneled fifth string necks, short scale necks, and radius fingerboards for ease of play, and decorative options such as engraving,  plating, powder-coating, traditional or original inlay.


Bishline Banjos
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