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Jerry Bix was a custom builder of electric guitars and basses in North Devon, UK. He is probably best known for luxurious versions of well known designs, using exotic woods, subtle colourings and top quality components. Scratchplates cut out of the same figured wood as the guitar front give a unique distinction to his most prestigious instruments; he was perhaps the only maker offering this option at the time. He cut these wooden scratchplates using a powerful fret saw (normally used by his wife to make jigsaw puzzles!)- and the wood was then bonded to a metal plate backing to ensure stability and prevent electrical interference. lnlays, bindings, engraving, tinting, stereo, active electronics, transducers, 12 strings, etc. are were possible in any of his normal styles, or even to the customer's own design. ’Standard’ instruments shared with the ’Exotics' the glued in Rock Maple necks, ebony fingerboards, Mother of Pearl inlay (although simple dots or snowflakes for the Standards), coil and phase switching, and the same degree of care over their neck construction and shaping and playability. Simpler finishes, one piece Ash or Mahogany bodies and less extravagent hardware made the Standards the ideal choice for a working instrument. Bix designed his PTERA range. as eye catching yet straightforward instruments for the musician who wants the quality of a handmade guitar With every major specification (scale length, fret size, fingerboard camber, neck shape, pick ups, tremelo, wiring and finish) tailored to the customer's requirements.

Jerry Bix also made basses - always with neck-through construction. On his Premier range he used Paduak for the body - his Standard range used ash. Bix basses had Schaller hardware and Kent Armsrong pickups - often with Tony Koorlander's active electronics (Tony lived in the same street as Bix in Bideford).



Jerry Bix Guitars
20 Buttgarden Street
EX39 2AU Bideford , DEV
United Kingdom
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