product types: 

  • solid state amplifiers
  • tube amplifiers
  • distortion effects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • electric guitars
  • cabinets
  • bass amplifiers
  • headphone amplifiers
  • cables


Blackstar had its origins in 2004 when four friends & bandmates decided to form a company to create new and innovative guitar amplifiers and pedals. Having spent two and a half years doing intensive technical research in a garden shed in Northampton England, the first Blackstar products were ready and in March 2007, Blackstar was officially launched at the Frankfurt Musik Messe. Since then they have moved from the garden shed to our own premises, which has a purpose built lab and studio.

Source: Blackstar Amplification website (7 October 2019)


Blackstar Amplification NN3 6EU Northampton , NTH
United Kingdom
Northamptonshire GB