Blair Guitars

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  • acoustic guitars
  • electric guitars


Blair Guitars was the brand name of Douglas Blair. Blair is a pro-guitarist who came up with a double necked electro-acoustic electric guitar as a solution to the need to swap between electric and acoustic guitars on stage. He called his guitar the Mutant Twin. The original prototypes were made in 1990 using Warmoth necks and mahogany bodies, with the help from Ovation R & D designer Don Johnson. The acoustic part had a small sound chamber, covered by a braced cedar or spruce top, with Takamine piezo pickups. Blair went on to build many more production models in the mid-90's, with wider neck spacing and various combinations of electric pickups and acoustic choices (nylon vs steel strings). The production models were introduced in 1994.

Source: Douglas Blair - Signal 2 Noise: Mutant Twins (9 March 2023)


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