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Blazer and Henkes is the brand name of German luthiers Rudolph Blazer and Wilhelm Henkes. Rudolph Blazer began guitar making in 1971 as an apprentice. After many years experience of repair work he opened his own shop in Stuttgart. In 1980 he moved to the town of Tuebingen, concentrating on making traditional steel string guitars. Wilhelm Henkes began building fretted instruments and later acquired the traditional master certification as luthier. Now working together they have made over 400 guitars and mandolins in their old Tuebingen workshop (pre 1996). In 1996 they opened their new Tuebingen workshop opened in 1996 and concentrate on making replicas of old American acoustic guitars, authentic in both looks and construction.


Wilhelm Henkes & Rudolph Blazer Antique Acoustics
Jakobsgasse 14
D-72070 Tuebingen , BW
Baden-Württemberg DE

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