product types: 

  • acoustic strings
  • cases
  • electric strings
  • straps
  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • cigar box guitars
  • electric guitars
  • bass guitars


Bohemian Guitars was founded by South African brothers Adam and Shaun Lee. While growing up in Johannesburg, Shaun observed the resourcefulness of the musicians in local townships who would build their own instruments out of whatever was available. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Shaun began making instruments in this style, using scrap materials like old oil cans. Soon Adam was on board and in 2012 Bohemian Guitars was founded, selling oil can guitars first locally and then beyond. Bohemian Guitars embraced the use of social media to promote their instruments and expand their markets word wide.

Bohemian instruments are made using an extended tenon design, the neck extends to the end of the can. This helps balance this instrument. They have a removable back panel giving easy access to the interior. Bohemian Guitars use less wood than a traditional electric guitar - the company source their timber from sustainable forests or reclaimed wood.