product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • other effects
  • electric guitars


Bennett Music Labs (BML) Inc. consists of partners Bruce Bennett, Kevin Maxfield and Steve Lewis. Bennett is the master luthier, while Maxfield handles most of the marketing and artist relations and Lewis is responsible for much of the day to day running of BML.

BML’s hand-crafted guitars have some of the most unusual designs available today. The Retro-futuristic™ guitar series is designed by John Backlund, an artist from South Dakota, and built by Bennett. In 2001, Bennett and Backlund met in an online forum where Backlund had posted his guitar sketches. The two worked for seven years on the first prototypes, the JBD 100 and 200 models.

While BML works on projects on an order-by-order basis, Bennett says they hope eventually to make a few standardized guitars. They are also working on amplifiers and effects pedals designed in the same style as the guitars.


Bennett Music Labs
6921 Middle Valley Road Suite 107
37343 Hixson , TN
United States
Tennessee US