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Glen Burke founded the Tuning Fork Guitar Company in the 1960s. Burke produced a kit guitar with components that bolted on to an aluminum neck and central hollow body section. Wooden body wings were attached to the aluminum body section to make it more guitar shaped. The construction method meant that many variations and finishes were possible. Few Burke guitars were made, however, due in part to problems with component suppliers. Reference: Guitar Archeology Blog


Glen Burke Guitars (No longer in business - this is a historical address)
4025 E 17 Avenue
Glen wood , OR
United States
Oregon US


burke guitar

I have one of the first of his guitars that I got at a yard sale, so when I got this address off this site I went there and the address is in Glenwood not Eugene .

There is no glen burke , or guitar company there it was quite a disapointment!


Hi this is his son if you have one I want it 423 787 1908


i own a burke