Composite Acoustics

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  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars


Composite Acoustics (CA) guitars grew from an idea by a former aerospace engineer and guitar aficionado to make acoustic guitars using composites instead of wood. Having developed composite materials that could reproduce the sound characteristics of the wood instruments, C.A.'s  initial pursuit as a company was to offer their proprietary technology to existing guitar manufacturers who had the capacity to build the next generation of acoustic instruments. Despite the recognition that great tone woods are becoming alarmingly scarce CA found that existing manufacturers were slow to adopt new materials due in part to their existing investment in wood stocks and related wood working equipment. At this point CA determined to build composite guitars themselves, introducing a series of carbon fiber acoustic guitars in the early 2000s.

By early 2010, however, CA had ceased production. Peavey Electronics Corporation purchased CA in late 2010 and re-launched the brand in 2011. Composite Acoustics are proud of  their carbon fiber guitars which are still made in the USA. Their unique production process combines extensive hand-crafting with cutting edge technology such as CAD design and CNC machining.

Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine. July, 2011

CA guitars factory tour 2009:


Composite Acoustics
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