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  • electric guitars


Corrado Carpinteri graduated in Information Science in 2005 before becoming interested in luthiery. He was inspired by Brian May to build his own guitar from scratch - which he completed in 2008. He founded the CQuadro Guitar Works in February 2012, when he felt ready to take on real customers. He has invested a lot of effort into building a faithful replica of Brian May's Red Special and this model (The Bohemian) became his most popular and led to international recognition. In October 2016 he changed the company name from “CQuadro Guitar Works” to “Carpinteri Guitars”. By January 2018 he had made 100 guitars in total.

Source: Carpinteri Guitars website (29 January 2020)


Carpinteri Guitars
Via De Pretis 84
96010 Canicattini Bagni , SR
Siracusa IT