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The Castelluccia guitar brand was established by Jean-Baptiste Castelluccia who emigrated from Italy to Paris in the late 1930s. Living in the Porte de Montreuil in Paris, Castelluccia was near the epicenter of the Gypsy music scene and was one of the small group of Italians making steel stringed Gypsy guitars. In 1954 Jean-Baptiste was joined in the business by his son Jacques, who eventually took over when Jean-Baptiste died in 1964. Around this time Jacques began to increase production of classical guitars and reduced his output of the Gypsy Jazz models. In the early 1990s Jacques was joined in the business by his own son Jean-Baptiste. The younger Jean-Baptiste Castelluccia is heir to nearly 70 years of research in the field of guitar making, and has established himself in the center of Paris, in the Rue de Rome district making classical, flamenco and jazz guitars.


J. Castelluccia
3, rue de Constantinople
75008 Paris

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