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Craig Burroughs Alyn worked in the wholesale music trade in California before moving out to Key West, Florida to start CB Alyn Guitarworks. CB Alyn makes acoustic and classical guitars using traditional techniques, as well as the innovative Rosebud electro-acoustic model.

Source: C.B. Alyn website (26 February 2017)

Source: Keys Weekly, May 1, 2015. CB Alyn article.


C.B. Alyn Guitarworks
P.O. Box 1482
33041 Key West , FL
United States
Florida US


Guitar list has wrong info about my company

We are not located in Canada and never have been

We are in Florida
P.O.Box 1482
Key West, Fl 33041

aka Cayo Hueso, Isle of Bones tha name given to our Island by the Spanish when they discovered a huge graveyard of dead Calusa indians who had been slaughtered by the Seminole Indians. When the Bahamians moved over to Cayo hueso, they had trouble pronouning the name and it eventually became Key West.


Thanks for the correction

Thanks for the correction & sorry for the mistake, I have updated the CB Alyn page.