Chase Bliss Audio

product types: 

  • chorus effects
  • delay effects
  • flanger effects
  • fuzz effects
  • loop and sampler effects
  • multieffects
  • octave and pitch effects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • phase shifter effects
  • reverb effects
  • tremolo and vibrato effects
  • volume and expression effects


Chase Bliss Audio was founded in 2013 in Minnesota by Joel Korte. Korte was a qualified electrical engineer who quit his corporate job in 2008 to go and work at ZVEX Effects. He carried on working at ZVEX while studying for a postgraduate degree in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences. Having completed his postgrad degree in 2013 he decided to strike out on his own and founded Chase Bliss Audio. He named the company in honor of his brother Chase who was killed in 2007 after his car was struck by a drunk driver; and a favorite quote of Chase's, "Follow Your Bliss" by Joseph Campbell. His goal is to give unprecedented digital control to original and creative analog designs that are designed and made in the USA.

Source: Chase Bliss Audio website (21 March 2022)


Chase Bliss Audio Anoka , MN
United States
Minnesota US

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