Chrysalis Guitars

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  • acoustic guitars
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he Chrysalis Guitar Company, Inc. was a Research & Development company founded by Tim White to develop and commercialize a patented (US Patent #4,573,391) acoustic soundboard technology and a musical instrument manufacturing technology known collectively as the Chrysalis Guitar System.  The Chrysalis acoustic soundboard technology was modeled after an insect wing and was composed of a fine grillwork supporting a thin membrane in place of the solid wooden veneers and laminates traditionally used in acoustic guitar construction. The Chrysalis Guitar System consisted of a "kit" of precision-engineered interchangeable components which allowed a musician to own a complete family of different full-size guitar instruments in the form of a kit of interchangeable components, including 6- and 12- string electric guitar, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass guitar configurations. The first Chrysalis guitars were hand-made with short-run graphite molding techniques and were launched around 1998 and featured in NAMM 1999. Chrysalis Guitar Company became Ridgewing Guitars around 2015.


Chrysalis Guitars
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