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Todd Clinesmith began making guitars in 1996 and has been selling them since 1998. Clinesmith is a self confessed Dobro and steel guitar fanatic and he specialises in making steel, resonator and Hawaiian guitars. All of his instruments are hand crafted and made from solid wood. His resonators use a unique soundpost/baffle construction instead of the traditional plywood soundwell typically found in traditional resonator guitars. Clinesmith resonators and steel guitars are played by some of the best in the business including: Michael Witcher, Ivan Rosenberg, Billy Cardine, Chris Funk (of the Decemberists and Black Prarie), Bobbe Seymore, Roger Williams, "Dobro" Dick Diloff, Gene Tortora, Paul Shelaski, Ron Stanley, Jeroen Schmoll,Gerry Szostak, Mike Neer, Mike Bagwell, Kurt Kowalski, Bob Hoffnar, James Williamson, and Jussi Huhtakangas.


Todd Clinesmith Glide
PO Box 73
97443 Glide , OR
United States
Oregon US

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