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  • tuners
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


C. G. Conn Ltd. was a musical instrument company founded in 1874 in Elkhart, Indiana. They manufactured a full line of band instruments including wind, strings and percussion. They also manufactured organs, pianos and music boxes. Conn did not manufacture their own guitars but distributed both American made and imported guitars, banjos and zithers.  In 1969 Conn was sold to the Crowell-Collier Macmillan Company (who were primarily publishers) and the Conn guitar division was established in Oak Brooks, Illinois. The Conn guitar division contracted Tokai Gakki in Japan to make a range of acoustic guitars - and these were available until 1979. Conn also entered the electric guitar market with a series of original designs and some copies but Conn discontinued their electric guitar line by mid-1980, and the company was sold again. In 1985 the Conn Strobotuner division was bought by Peterson Electro-Musical Products, who continue to service Conn products.

Source: history of Conn guitars


Conn Guitar Division Oak Brooks , IL
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