Craig Anderson

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  • acoustic guitars


Craig Anderson builds master grade guitars with expert skill. A guitar player and woodworker since the 1960s, Craig decided to combine these two streams in the form of guitar making. He has studied guitar making with both Charles Fox at the American School of Lutherie in Healdsburg, California, and Ivon Schmukler at the Leeds Guitarmakers’ School in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Craig's work has been featured on Vermont Public Radio. His guitars can be found from California to Maine. Craig, in collaboration with Emmett Chapman, built the body for the first two acoustic "Chapman Sticks." Craig, the musician, is currently part of a trio that performs in and around Burlington, Vermont. He has also recorded on numerous CDs.

In 2012 Craig Anderson announced the end of the Craig Anderson brand. Anderson would be concentrating on playing (rather than building) guitars and that Lars Whitman would be carrying on the torch for Craig Anderson Guitars. Anderson handed over everything to Lars who began building his own guitars using the Anderson designs.



Craig Anderson Guitars
122 Green Acres Drive
05408 Burlington , VT
United States
Vermont US