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Ben Crowe started Crimson Guitars in 2005, after managing Scorpion Guitars Ltd.He had become disaffected by the 'mass-production work ethic' at Scorpion, and established Crimson Guitars to make custom instruments, and limited production runs of ten instruments of any single design. Crimson Guitars also offer guitar parts, guitar building training and tuition. Circa 2017 Crimson offered various series at different price points. The RAW series offers professional level and individually unique guitars at accessible prices, with selected materials and Crimson’s pickups.  The Artist Series is their flagship series.  The Custom Shop guitars are highly customised versions of those seen in the Artist series.  The Master Builds are built and finished by only one luthier, and feature the highest quality components.


The Old Dairy, Carters Barn Farm Piddlehinton
DT27TH Dorchester , DOR
United Kingdom
Dorset GB