Curly Creek

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  • acoustic guitars


Curly Creek Guitars is a one man shop in Port Orchard, Washington run by John Carrigan. Carrigan has been working in custom wood shops since the late 1970s: he started his own shop with a co-worker in 1995. His first guitar build was a Martin D-28 kit in 1998 with the help of the Guitar Making Tradition and Technology book by William R. Cumpiano. He built several guitars based on that book, each one tweaked slightly. He then read Ervin Somogyi’s books and built several guitars based on Somogyi’s designs. He currently builds guitars based on what he's learned over the years and the evolution continues. He likes to build three or four guitars at a time, with the hope of building about eight or so a year. His acoustic guitars start at $5000.00 and go up from there depending on different options available (exotic woods, inlays , cutaways, tuners , 12 string ) etc.


Curly Creek Guitars Seattle , WA
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