product types: 

  • Lutes
  • mandolins
  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars


Stefano Zanderighi and Marco Golinelli started working together in 2001, a project that would eventually lead to the establishment of the Liuteria d’Insieme workshop in 2004. Both were students of Tiziano Rizzi and Lorenzo Lippi for the construction of musical instruments and Gabriele Negri for restoration, and they mainly work on plucked string instruments. Stefano Zanderighi works on classical and steel string guitars. After a long and detailed study of the instruments and methods of the great classical builders, he has developed his own models .Marco Golinelli specializes in building instruments of the lute family as well as early guitars and mandolins. His work is characterized by great care in researching original models and early building and painting methods; the instruments he builds are distinguished by their great fidelity to original models, without losing sight of building details and obtaining a rich and dynamic sound.


Liuteria d'insieme
via V. Foppa, 30
20144 Milano