Daddy Mojo

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • cigar box guitars
  • electric guitars


Lenny P Robert founded Daddy Mojo around 2006 in Montreal, Canada. Lenny started out as a design artist in the family design business, and studied fine arts in Concordia University before working as a portrait artist. He began building whimsical vintage inspired instruments, before teaming up with Luca Tripalidi to turn Daddy Mojo into a fully fledged guitar workshop. In their first 10 years of business, Daddy Mojo has developed 15 original cigar box guitar models as well as, solid bodies, hollow bodies and carved top electric guitars.

Source: Daddy Mojo Cigarbox Guitars website (9 February 2017)


Daddy Mojo String Instruments Inc. (by appointment only)
5333, ave. Casgrain #208
H2T 1X3 Montréal , QC
Quebec CA