Damage Control

product types: 

  • preamps
  • compression and sustain effects
  • delay effects
  • distortion effects
  • loop and sampler effects
  • modulation effects
  • multieffects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • reverb effects
  • tremolo and vibrato effects


Damage Control Engineering was founded in 2004 by four ex Line 6 employees: Pete Celi (embedded systems expert), Gregg Stock (analog engineer), Lucian Tu (industrial designer) and Dave Fruehling (embedded systems expert). Their first products were a line of four tube-driven distortion units: first the Demonizer and Womanizer and, later, Liquid Blues and Solid Metal.  Dave and Pete designed some more intensive DSP-driven pedals also incorporating tubes known as TimeLine and Glass Nexus.  Although the pedals got great reviews, sales did not take off, and the team increasingly spent time consulting for other firms instead of working on new Damage Control pedals. Lucian Tu left the team, but a colleague Terry Burton who had been working independently in the Damage Control offices came up with the Strymon brand name. In 2009 the trio of Pete, Gregg and Dave began to develop effects under the Strymon brand name instead.

Source: Strymon Effects Pedals website (16 February 2022)

Source: Damage control website (archived 2008)


Strymon / Damage Control Engineering
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