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Danche Ivanovic was born in 1950 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. After 20 years of guitar playing experience, he began to work at repairing guitars. In Munich, Germany he studied the craftsmanship of string instruments under master luthier Tomas Keller, and soon ran a successful music business in Yugoslavia until the war broke out in 1991. This prompted a move to Salzburg, Austria – the kingdom of string instruments. One of his best customers was Mr. Eliot Fisk, world famous classical guitar player. In 1993 he got in touch with countryman Božo Podunavac (Božo Guitars), legendary maker of felt and archtop guitars, and with his blessing immigrated to the States, continuing his career this time doing restoration of violins. Disassembling and restoring old archtop guitars, violins, and violas taught him many of the masters’ secrets, inside and out. Archtop tradition and violinmaking tradition are important to Danche’s distinctive approach to his art. His guitars can be heard on recordings and in concerts by Bluenote recording artist Fareed Haque and Proteus recording artist Goran Ivanovic.


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