product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Danou custom guitars are made in Switzerland by Daniel Meier. Meier started his own joinery business in 1997 and at the same time began to develop the construction of his own guitars. Initially he was building primarily electrical instruments, but later on he began making acoustic guitars as well. He learned acoustic guitar construction techniques from master luthier Karl-Heinz Römmich.  He is a proud member of the European Guitar Builder Association (EGB). Each Danou guitar is hand-made incorporating the customer’s individual wishes. Meier's designs are clever and original - his Celtic design has a curved wooden frame which forms the outline of the guitar. He has developed the Celtic idea further with his Galileo model - a revolvable doubleneck makes the guitar a true hybrid acoustic /electric.


Daniel Meier
Sonnenstrasse 3
CH-9220 Bischofszell , TG
Thurgau CH