product types: 

  • electric guitars
  • tube amplifiers
  • bass guitars


The history of the Davoli brand began with Athos Davoli, a native of Correggio, near Reggio Emilia in Italy. Athos worked as electronics engineer in the Italian aircraft industry in the second world war. When the war finished he started a small workshop, and within a few years he was designing and building innovative vacuum tube devices. He founded the  Davoli Krundaal company in Parma in 1957.
At the start of the 1960s Davoli started making instrument amplifiers and P.A. systems, which rapidly caught on in Italy, soon most of Italian bands and many foreign bands touring in Italy were playing and singing through Davoli amplification systems.

In the 1960s, Davoli started a partnership with Antonio Poli “Wandre”, the visionary electric guitar designer who lived from 1926 to 2004. Their collaboration led to a series of ground-breaking guitar designs.

The Davoli company reached its peak in the years between 1969 and 1972. during this time he employed a workforce of 220 including technicians, clerks and sales people.
He was selling instruments across much of Europe European territory. Around this time he also patented and successfully marketed the “Davolisint” (a mini synthesizer).
Reference: Davoli History at wilderdavoli.it