De Faoite

product types: 

  • Dulcimers
  • bouzoukis
  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars
  • lap steel guitars


De Faoite stringed instruments are made by David White in Buckinghamshire, England. He makes a wide range of instruments - guitars, guitar-bouzoukis & citterns, tenor guitars, harp guitars, acoustic lap slide guitars and mandolins - from travel sized to baritones and specialised instruments such as ladder braced guitars. His influences are very much European and his signature sound is big volume, projection, sustain and balance with complexities and overtones, and the player hearing the guitar to the full as their audience does. He makes up to ten instruments per year.

Source: De Faoite Stringed Instruments (8 March 2017)


Da Foite Stringed Instruments BKM
United Kingdom
Buckinghamshire GB