de Jonge (Imre)

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  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Imre de jonge is from the Canadian de Jonge clan of guitar makers (Sergei is his brother and Joshia his neice). Imrei has been making guitars since 1977, starting out in his brother's workshop in Havelock Street, Toronto. The brothers worked alongside each other for a while - Imre making electric guitars and Sergei acoustics.  Although Imre stopped building guitars in the late 1980s he kept his precious stores of figured wood and resumed making guitars again around 2012. de Jonge's current workshop is located within 20 acres of mature forest in north Muskoka in an converted barn and his uses this wood in his instruments

Source: Imre de Jonge website (12 March 2017)

Source: Cockburn project Imre de Jonge flying V (12 March 2017)


Imre De Jonge, Luthier
40 Maple Heights Drive
P1H 1R7 Huntsville , ON
Ontario CA