Dean Markley

product types: 

  • acoustic strings
  • classical strings
  • cleaners and polish
  • electric strings
  • picks (plectrums)
  • tuners
  • solid state amplifiers
  • tube amplifiers
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • wah and filter effects
  • pickups and pickup covers


Dean Markley was a music store owner who began selling his own designed instrument strings in 1972. He went on to develop the voice-box effect as used in the 1970s by Peter Frampton. The company now also produceds pickups, amplifiers and other guitar accessories.

Source: Dean Markley website (8 March 2017)


Dean Markley USA
17505 N. 79th Ave, Suite 310
85308 Glendale , AZ
United States
Arizona US

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