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  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Deerhead guitars is the brand name of Larry Breslin. Larry Breslin has been making guitars since the 1960s - but since the 1980s has focused solely on building classical and flamenco guitars.  He has contributed two innovations to the art of guitar making. The first was in the 1970's when he designed and built a five-stringed acoustic bass, featuring a revolutionary fretless fingerboard, for Jaco Pastorius.  He also invented an innovative classical guitar bridge that could cope with humidity changes. His bridge has adjustable pins and each string's height can be easily adjusted by loosening the string and setting it to the side of the pin.   Then, with the use of a small tool, one complete turn of the pin, clock-wise or counter clock-wise, raises or lowers the string exactly .006 inches at the 12th fret.

Source: Deerhead Guitars website (17 January 2022)


Larry Breslin Colorado Springs , CO
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