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Defil is a Polish musical instruments manufacturer founded in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was in existence until 2007 when stricter emissions regulations forced the closure of its factory.

Defil was the major Polish guitar manufacturer from the 1960s to the 1990s. They produced a range of very low quality guitars. Defil created their own models, similar to famous models of well known guitar brands, but not faithful copies. The quality of workmanship and tone of these instruments were poor. Thus Defils have only curiosity or sentimental value. Inadequate seasoning of the wood used in their manufacture contributed to the poor quality of the guitars.

DEFIL is an acronym for Dolnoslaska Fabryka Instrumentow Lutniczyc.


Lubin , DO
Dolnoslaskie PL


it's amazing that i've owned

it's amazing that i've owned a Romeo 2 for years and have never been able to find info on the company at all until now! thank you.

Defil Romeo 2

I think Defil made some really interesting guitars - I would love to add a page for the Romeo 2 model - is that the violin shaped semi-acoustic one?

E-mail me some photos and information about yours (if you have some you're willing to share) and I will add it to the website,

send it to "pr AT"


defr guitar purchased at an antique store in Canada

I purchased an old guitar and I can't quite make out the year it was made. On the inside is a round label with defr, also says made in Poland and, in red ink, is stamped a date of either 1938 or 1936, but someone else thought it to be 1978. It is a bit hard to read. It's length is 30 inches (end to end). The body measures 18 1/2 inches (not including the neck).

Any idea what it is worth or exactly the year made?

Old Polish guitar


do you have any photos of the guitar? If so send them to me at [email protected]

I'll add them to the website and try to find out more about the guitar.

One of the best places for information about Eastern European guitars is:

Link: Cheesy


Defil Rytm 2 Bass

Just had one of these given to hasn't been played for about 25 years or so and will need some TLC to bring it back. Not sure if the pick-ups and sliders work or not but I'll have to put some time in to see. I noticed the jack isn't 1/4" plug...can you tell me what kind of adapter I need to play it through my amp? The neck is straight but the action is high and the bridge is not set up properly.The label is inside the eff hole but I can't find a serial number. I'll keep you posted.