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Frank Deimel began making guitars as a teenager. He started Deimel Guitarworks in 1998 in Berlin. Over the the last few decades he gained a lot of experience by making custom instruments and doing repairs and modifications. Since 2007 Frank has been working alongside his partner Kora Jünger. In 2012 Deimel Guitars finally launched two production models the Doublestar and the Firestar. In 2015 Kora, Frank, the kids, and their workshop moved 40 km east from Alexanderplatz into the nature reserve area "Naturpark Märkische Schweiz" - the new location providing plenty of extra space for Deimel Guitarworks. By 2022 his range also included the Bluestar and Singlestar guitars as well as the Firestar bass.

Source: Deimel Guitarworks website (10 October 2022)


Deimel Guitarworks
Wirtschaftsweg 5
15377 Märkische Höhe

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