Desmond (Robert)

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  • acoustic guitars
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Robert Boyd Desmond is a protege of Manuel Velázquez. When Velázquez retired to Florida in 1992, Desmond who lived nearby became frequent visitor at his workshop. He learned from Velázquez the essential qualities of a fine classical guitar. Encouragement and support from Velázquez and other luthiers led Desmond to become a full time guitar maker and leave behind his 30 year career as a photographer. Desmond keeps alive the memory of Velázquez (who died in 2014) by using his teachings to build Torres, Hauser and Santos Hernandez style guitars. Desmond makes each part by hand and his high standards mean than he produces only around six guitars per year.

Source: Hand Made, Hand Played: The Art & Craft of Contemporary Guitars. Robert Shaw. 2008

Source: Manuel Velazquez obituary: Guild of American Luthiers


Robert Boyd Desmond Orlando , FL
United States
Florida US