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Antoine Di Mauro (1900-1976) was initialy a mandolin builder from Catania, Sicily, Italy. He moved to Paris in  1932 and in 1934 he began to make mandolins and guitars in the back workshop of a furniture factory in Rue Fontarable. In 1936, he opened his own workshop in Impasse Rançon in the Quartier de Charonne in Paris. In 1942, Di Maruro moved again to a larger workshop at 50 Rue de la Reunion. This new workshop was called “Lutherie Moderne”. In 1950, the workshop expanded again, by moving to the nearby 47 Rue de la Reunion.  Antoine Di Mauro's brother Joseph also established his own guitar brand - most likely working alongside Antoine. Joseph developed a signature model with a heart shaped sound-hole.

Antoine Di Mauro died around 1976, but his son (also named Joseph) carried on the business until 1993. Although they built many types of guitars and other stringed instruments, the Di Mauros are best known for Maccaferri style Gypsy Jazz acoustic guitars. Antoine launched his own model called the Chorus Special which was a Selmer style acoustic but had f-holes. Di Mauro's guitars were inexpensive instruments at the time: although they look good externally they are sometimes a bit rough in the inside, but their rich tone is admired by players.

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Di Mauro
47 rue de la Réunion