product types: 

  • cabinets
  • tube amplifiers
  • fuzz effects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • tremolo and vibrato effects


César Carrillo Díaz was born in Puerto Rico was playing guitar by age six. He moved to the USA in 1969 (aged 18) where he played guitar with Johnny Nash before joining Frijid Pink.  During the seventies, César was involved in the developing market for vintage tube amplifiers and became known as "The Amp Doctor" for his tube-amp restoration skills. He found and restored numerous vintage tube amps. His skills brought him into contact with some of the great guitarists of the era, including the unsigned Stevie Ray Vaughan, who  César supplied him with amplifiers and cabinets in 1979. As the 1980s rolled by César was a technical advisor to Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Bob Dylan. César even played around 50 dates as Dylan's guitarist. 

Back home, Cesar continued to develop and manufacture amplifiers, along with high-end guitar effects, all hand-made, in small production runs. These prototype amps that would eventually become his own Diaz Amplifiers line. In the 1990s Diaz Amplifiers offered a range of amplifiers, preamplifiers, cabinets as well as some effects pedals until César Diaz became ill and died in 2002. His widow Maggie Clare-Diaz and Peter McMahon (who had previously worked with César) continued the company as Diaz Musical Products until around 2013.

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Diaz Amplifiers (historical address)
P.O. Box 1315
18301 East Stroudsburg , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US