product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • lap steel guitars


The Dickerson Brothers began producing Dickerson branded Hawaiian lap steels and small tube amplifiers around 1937 in their Los Angeles factory. Dickerson were manufactured guitars and amps under contract for Varsity, The Southern California Music Company, The Oahu Publishing Company, Bronson Publishing Corp., studio and store owner Roland Ball and Gourley. Dickerson lap steels were covered in a celluloid/pearloid material which Dickerson called Lumarith. The Dickerson range included three Hawaiian guitars and four amps and they were typically sold as sets. Around 1945 the Dickersons sold the company to Gaston Fator of the American Hawaiian Teachers Association. Gaston Fator sold it on again in 1947 to Art Duhamell who renamed it Magna Electronics. Duhamell discontinued the Dickerson brand and used the Magnatone brand for his guitars and amplifiers.

Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine - Dickersen Lap Steels (18 March 2017)

Source: Dickerson catalog 1939


Dickerson Brothers
611 East 55th Street
90011 Los Angeles , CA
United States
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