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John Dillon began building guitars in New Mexico in 1975. Having played a guitar by master luthier, Max Krimmel of Boulder, Colorado, he immediately asked to meet him. Max challenged John to build a guitar on his own and then bring it back to him. The first Dillon was built using only a book for guidance. Max was impressed enough with the first attempt to agree to become John's mentor. After about a year of monthly consultations, the quality of the instruments was beginning to show. According to John, "This arrangement, unlike a traditional apprenticeship, allowed me to make mistakes, figure things out, and develop a style of my own." In 1981 Dillon moved to Pennsylvania to work in the family wholesale floral business, but he re-started Dillon Guitars in 1993 at the ArtRanch in Northeastern Pennsylvania. In 2001 he relocated Dillon Guitars back to Taos, New Mexico.

Dillon guitars are owned by players of all levels who love the sound and feel of a fine handcrafted instrument. Some of the better known players include: Trisha Yearwood, Steve Earle, the Mavericks, Tish Hinojosa, Dave Gibson, Hank Williams, Jr. and Michael Martin Murphey.

Source: Dillon Guitars website (archived 2005)


John Dillon Taos , NM
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