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Dillion USA is an independently owned company selling Korean made recreations and variations of the worlds most famous vintage electric guitars, basses and acoustic guitars.

Currently manufactured Dillion guitars have "Made for Dillion USA" on the headstock to differentiate them from Dillion guitars Canada (a different company).

Dillion guitars was founded by John Vinci in 1996. Brooklyn musician Vinci had success in the 1960s and 1970s with groups called "Illusion" and  "Network" . In the 1980s Vinci began selling musical equipment and worked for Dean, B.C Rich, Guild and others.


Dillion Guitars
207 Whiteberry Drive
27519 Cary , NC
United States
North Carolina US


possible mistake

May be it's DILLION, not DILLON? dillonguitars.com seems to be radio show site. Or something like that. And dillionguitars.com is definitely guitar maker web page.

Dillion Guitars

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