product types: 

  • cases
  • guitar stands
  • solid state amplifiers
  • compression and sustain effects
  • delay effects
  • distortion effects
  • flanger effects
  • loop and sampler effects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • banjos
  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • classical guitars
  • electric guitars
  • Cellos
  • violins


Dimavery is a brand first introduced in 2004 by the German SLM (Sound, Light & More) Company. In 2009 it was taken over by the Steinigke Showtechnic Company - a major German distributor of stage equipment. Dimavery products are aimed at beginners and are made in China. The Dimavery range includes stringed instruments, percussion instruments, woodwinds and brass instruments: everything from the guitar, through to the violin, the cajon to the French horn. Dimavery try to put a fresh spin on the traditional guitar designs by using unusual colors and special editions like aged Stratocasters, hollow bodies with bright colors and a Beatles bass.


Steinigke Showtechnic
Andreas-Bauer-Str. 5
D-97297 Waldbüttelbrunn

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