Disaster Area Designs

product types: 

  • effects boards power supplies and cases
  • other effects


Disaster Area Designs make a range of  MIDI controllers, switching systems designed to give you control over your guitar pedals and make your pedal board easier to manage. The company was founded by Matthew Farrow (previously of Pharaoh Amps) - who in 2010 made a MIDI controller for his Line 6 M9 pedal. He began to sell kits for others to make the controller and in 2011 released the DMC-2, DMC-4, and DMC-6 Disaster MIDI controllers for the Line 6 M9 and M13 pedals. Disaster Area has continually expanded its range of controllers to offer many custom options, including firmware for a wide variety of pedals and rack units.

Source: Disaster Area Designs website (14 March 2022)


Disaster Area Designs
2018 Garner Station Blvd
Raleigh , NC
United States
North Carolina US