Divided by 13

product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • distortion effects
  • overdrive and boost effects


Divided by 13 amplification is a Southern California guitar amps maker founded by Fred Taccone. Taccone's experience with amplifiers started while he was still at school in Fullerton, California when he had a part-time job with Risson Amplifiers making power amps. After high school he went to college to study business, electronics and recording engineering. During college in his spare time he worked at Fender and Music Man. After several years working in concert promotion, machine shops and as a pro-guitar player, Taccone settled down with a job repairing amps for Chris Ramano's Black Market music store & several others. Repairing amps led to tweaking amps then building amps for various West Coast players and the company grew from there.

Source: Divided by 13 amplification website (12 July 2023)


Divided by 13 Amplification, Inc.
United States
California US