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Scott Lawrence makes guitars by hand in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Lawrence started playing as a 12 year-old kid and has been playing both professionally or non-professionally since then. While he started out playing rock he soon became hooked on jazz had the opportunity to study under the legendary jazz guitarist Cal Collins. After gigging around the USA for a few years, he eventually settled in Seattle where he started a furniture restoration business and raised a son. His Gibson 175 started gathering dust at that point. When his son grew up moved out he used his spare time to start playing again and eventually began making guitars. Using his grandfathers old hand-tools, he spends anywhere from 40 hours (for solid body guitars) to 120 hours (archtops) to create each instrument. The D'Lorenzo Guitars website was active from 2006 onwards, and show cases archtop, solid body and nylon string Gypsy Jazz guitars.

The D'Lorenzo brand name originates from Lawrence's early muscian days, on non-union gigs, he would sometimes go by the name of Lorenzo Scott, to avoid getting in trouble with the union. When he decided to start building guitars, there already was a Lawrence making pickups and designing guitars. D'Lorenzo seemed more fitting for the archop style of guitar that Scott was building.

Source: Discover Olkahoma - D'Lorenzo Guitars (2008)

Source: D'Lorenzo webist (archived 2009)


Scott Lawrence Tahlequah , OK
United States
Oklahoma US

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