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Boris Dommenget is a German guitar maker offering electric, acoustic and archtop guitars as well as custom made pickups. On leaving school in 1977 Dommenget started a 3-year apprenticeship with Hopf - learning each step of guitar making. After finishing his training at Hopf, Dommenget made a lot of guitars and basses from 1980 - 1985 while living in Wiesbaden. He moved to London from 1985 to 1988 where he worked as a furniture restorer,  guitarist (with the Bollock Brothers) and sound engineer. An injury in 1988 ended his career as a guitarist and he opened a rehearsal studio in Hamburg - the Altona Rehearsal Studios. Dommenget set up a workshop in the studio for reparing guitars and equipment. The guitar business grew rapidly and he moved the workshop another three times eventually ending up in an old farmhouse where he runs his handmade electric guitar business.

Source: Boris Dommenget website (25 March 2017)


Dommenget Custom Guitars
Alter Gemeindeweg 4
21730 Balje

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